Amusement Park Track Trains for Sale

Track trains in amusement parks are equipped with tracks, which also called mini electric train. The amusement park train with tracking is very popular and attractive in amusement parks, carnival parks, and theme parks. We can widely see the park track train ride in a kiddie amusement park, indoor and outdoor playground. The amusement park track trains for sale can attract a great majority of visitors to the parks, especially many kids. Beston is still the best and top manufacturer of quality amusement park trains for sale in China. So if you have any need, please contact us!

Elephant Track Train Rides for Park
CIT-ET001 Elephant Track Train Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: CIT-ET001
Height: 1.2 m
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power: 1.5 kW
Capacity: 14 persons

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Kiddie Ocean Theme Track Trains
CIT-ET002 Kiddie Ocean Theme Track Train

Technical Parameters:

Model: CIT-ET002
Height: 1.2 m
Voltage: 220v
Power: 1.5 kW
Capacity: 14 persons

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What is the Amusement Rides Track Train?

Electric track train amusement ride is a popular amusement ride, and a modern interchange track with colorful appearance, wonderful music, bright light and childish cartoon paintings. The track trains are divided into many small cars. Each car can take two people to four people. They have many different models. Kids can choose the one they liked. The track mainly is a big circle which can take kids around the circle again and again. Each driver runs simultaneously, along the track direction of automatic steering. When kids are tied, the track train is their first choice. In general, the track train is decorated with various cartoon and the color.

Application of Amusement Park Track Trains for Sale

You will easily find amusement park track trains for sale when you play on the amusement park or carnival park. What’s more, you can find amusement park track trains in the garden, plaza, square, theme park,shopping centers and other parks. Mini electric track trains even popular in mall ground because it is easier to operate than other amusement rides.

Beston Christmas Track Train Rides
CIT-ET007 Beston Christmas Track Train Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: CIT-ET007
Height: 1.2 m
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power: 0.3 kW
Capacity: 7 persons
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Mini Kids Electric Track Train
CIT-ET008 Mini Kids Electric Track Train

Technical Parameters:

Model: CIT-ET008
Height: 0.8 m
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power: 0.3 kW
Capacity: 4 persons
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Quick Parameters of Track Train Rides for Kids

The amusement park track trains are manufactured and designed according to the real trains that carry passengers fast and stably. And as the main riders of electric track train rides are small children, the miniature track trains are often composed of the locomotive and three or more carriages, which are designed as or decorated with lovely and cute cartoon and animals.

Kiddie Electric Track Train Rides
CIT-ET009 Kiddie Electric Track Train

Technical Parameters:

Model: CIT-ET009
Voltage: 220v/380v
Capacity: 8 persons

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Christmas Track Train Rides for Sale
CIT-ET010 Christmas Track Train Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: CIT-ET010
Height: 1.8 m
Voltage: 220v/380v
Power: 3.5 kW
Capacity: 14 persons

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The Feature of Beston Amusement Park Trains With Track

  • Safety protective net between two carriages will effectively minimize security risk.
  • The mini electric train ride is a new track amusement ride for kids.
  • Our track train is made up of beautiful shape, different style carriage and track.
  • Cartoon or classical design track trains are popular among children, will attract many kids to your amusement park.
  • There are a variety of styles for customers and the train track length can be added.
  • The mini electric train is decorated with colorful lights and music, flickering in varying colors.
  • Fitted with stereo system in every carriage, directly controlled by locomotive control room

Detail about Amusement Park Track Train for Sale in Beston

More details introduced by Beston about the amusement train rides with track:

In the beginning, locomotive guide rail automatically controls the traveling direction. In order to avoid collision, radar introduces minimum clearance distance induction of ultrasonic wave. Motor power of electric train carriage is 0.5kw. Both locomotive and carriage are set with lamp light, brilliant at night. Then the motor is high and self-carried reducer motor. Travel speed of carnival train ride is 0.8m/s.

Then, necessary handrail is set to ensure passengers’ safety. The entrance and exit of carriage are not less than width of both shoulders. Width and height of carriage are taken into consideration when satisfy comfort of tourists as well as size range of operating environment. Space arrangement and parameters of seats takes ergonomics as main reference to relax human muscle and remove fatigue. In addition, body restraint is adopted for children in case of accident.

Interested in Buying Amusement Park Track Train from Beston Amusement?

What Can Beston Do for You?

Pre-sale service: we are free for you to provide detailed product information instruction and diversified product choice space.

During-sales service: all the track trains after finished will be debugged in the factory. The process of debugging is to make sure that our amusement train with track reaches the customers perfectly with the fastest speed and serious and responsible spirit.

After-sales service: timely solve the problems found. Our track train rides are guaranteed for a year without human damage. If it is necessary, our installation personnel can guide the installation and debugging facilities on your site (you should pay for it).

Packaging & Shipping for Track Train Rides

  • Seaworthy package cotton fabric & plastic film wooden case packing. Otherwise, delicate packing and an inflatable bag put in the gap to prevent bumping during transportation.
  • We’ll load the rides in reasonable and saving-space way.
  • We can also pack rides according to your requirements.

Why Should You Choose Beston’s Track Trains?

Beston has professional technicians and advanced device to produce the high-quality track train amusement rides. Beston Amusement Equipment Company produces track trains with attractive appearance and vivid colors. And all the indicators of each train meet the national amusement machinery equipment quality standards. In the meantime, we are further given the lower cost to you. And we keep leading in amusement industry over 12 years in China. Customers can customize their amusement park trains with track according to their own needs and we will try our best to meet all customers’ demands.

Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in the park track train rides or other amusement park equipment, we will give you the satisfactory reply as soon as possible! And welcome to China, welcome to your visit Beston factory anytime and anywhere! So click “send” Now!

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