Forest Carousel for Sale

A New Type Carousel Ride – Beston Forest Animal Carousel Ride

Interesting forest animal carousel for sale in Beston! Are you still searching for a popular and affordable amusement ride for sale in high quality? Do you want buy an appealing and interesting kiddie amusement ride? Are you interested in special design carousel ride? Please find Beston! We provide the newest type carousel – Beston forest carousel for sale!

24 seat forest carousel rides for sale
BNFC-24A Forest Carousel Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNFC-24A
Spin speed 4.7 r/min (1.1m/s)
Area: 9*9 m2
Height: 4.5 M
Power:  5.5KW
Voltage:380 V
Capacity: 24 person

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Green Forest Carousel With 12 Seat
BNFC-12A Green Forest Carousel

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNFC-12A
Area: 6.5*6.5 m2
Height: 4 M
Power:  3.5KW
Voltage:380 V
Capacity: 12 person

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Description of Beston Forest Carousel Ride

Carousel ride is one of the most famous amusement ride in the world. The carousel is considered as a perfect option for all ages people (especially in kids) to have funs in the theme park, fairground and some carnival park. Beston uses advanced technology to search and design a new carousel – Beston forest carousel. The figure of seat is on the base of animal in the forest and is more lovely and cuter than the traditional carousel ride. The lovely cartoon animal seat is more attractive than the traditional horse in children. So if you want to buy a kiddie carousel, Beston forest carousel amusement ride is your ideal choice!

Fairground Forest Carousel
BNFC-24C Fairground Forest Carousel

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNFC-24C
Spin speed 4.7 r/min (1.1m/s)
Area: 9*9 m2
Height: 4.5 M
Power:  5.5KW
Voltage:380 V
Capacity: 24 person

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Mini Forest Carousel for Sale
BNFC-12B Mini Forest Carousel

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNFC-12B
Area: 4.5*4.5 m2
Height: 4 M
Power:  2.2KW
Voltage:380 V
Capacity: 12 person

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Features of Beston Forest Carousel for Sale

  • Lively and lovely forest animal character seat and decoration. In order to draw more and more kids’ attention of carousel amusement ride, Beston has improve the design and added the forest animal elements into the seat. That satisfied passengers’ feeling as if they are in the really forest and playing with forest animals.
  • Very easy to operate and install Beston forest carousel ride. Carousel is very easy to operate and install, and we provide the technical assistance for installation and we can send our installation engineers to help you to finish the operation.
  • Shining, bright and colorful LED lightning. Beston forest kiddie carousel ride is equipped with beautiful LED lights. When children and their families play in the night, all of the forest carousel lights will be illuminated. It is a brilliant and dreamy experience.
  • Can be customizable if needs. Beston carousel can be customizable according to your needs. The seat can be customizable as lion, tiger, deer and some other animals in the forest. And capacity (seat number) of Beston forest figure carousel can be manufactured in accordance with requirements.
  • Pleasant music sound. The forest carousel ride can spin with the rhythm of pleasant music.
  • Convenient transportation. Beston cooperate with many famous shipping company to make sure that we delivery our carousel ride on time.

If you want know more information about Beston forest carousel ride for sale, please Email us and acquire a free quote now!

Interested in Buying Forest Carousel Rides from Beston Amusement?

New Kiddie Amusement Ride for Sale – Forest Animal Carousel

Carousel (also be called as merry go round in Britain) is a classic and popular amusement kiddie ride in our life. It is a low cost but high profit amusement ride, so it almost can be seen in every fun parks. In recent years, Beston think the forest as a new theme, design and manufactures a kiddie carousel for all children. Kids always have extreme curiosity on new things. They will find the new amusement ride in parks at once. So if you want search for a new but popular kiddie ride, find Beston forest animal carousel for sale!

Forest Carousel for Sale from Beston Factory
BNFC-16A Forest Carousel for Sale from Beston Factory

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNFC-16A
Spin speed: (1.5 m/s)
Area: 11*11 m
Diameter: 8.5 m
Power: 11 KW
Voltage:380 V
Capacity: 16 persons
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Unique Advantage of Beston Forest Merry Go Round for Sale

  • First, Beston use (FRP) Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics as material to produce our forest merry go round. It is much economic and environmental than wooden merry go round. Not only save the cost, also can be used in more life time.
  • Second, Beston forest kid’s carousel ride is perfectly equipped with other amusement equipment. For example, the colorful lights and audio player.
  • Third, Beston offer the professional assistance and help to install and operate. And we cooperate with large and advanced factory to produce our amusement carousel ride. Our merchandises have acquired standard certifications.

Perfect Kiddie Forest Carousel for sale in Beston

Beston kiddie forest carousel is a great and perfect option for you! As one of the largest amusement rides manufacture and supplier in China, Beston is always leading in amusement park carousel industry. Beston master the advanced and newest technology to produce the high quality carousel rides. Beston carousel rides have been exported to more than 20 countries and approved by quality supervision department in those countries. Beston not only have various kinds of carousel rides for sale, but also provide the customized service. Consumers can get both best amusement rides production and service in Beston. As a new product – Beston forest carousel, we can offer you helps in shipping and installation. And send our professional engineer team to assistant you finish construction.

If you want buy a good quality kiddie carousel ride in a reasonable and affordable price, contact Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd! Beston welcome everyone to know about our carousel rides amusement equipment for sale! We want be a reliable partner for you to cooperate! If you are interested in purchasing an excellent Beston forest carousel, please Email us and get a free quote!

Details of Beston Forest Carousel - 1
Details of Beston Forest Carousel – 1
Details of Beston Forest Carousel - 2
Details of Beston Forest Carousel – 2

Where to Buy a Forest Kiddie Carousel

Interesting kiddie carousel with new forest theme for sale in Beston! Are you seeking for a new and interesting kiddie ride? Are you puzzling in where can I buy a special kiddie carousel? Do not be worried. You can find Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd! Beston manufacture and provide interesting kiddie carousel ride – new forest kiddie carousel for sale. Beston have famous brand and professional factory to create kiddie carousel ride. If you want buy a new kind forest kiddie carousel, please contact Beston!

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