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Beston is a domestic professional amusement equipment manufacturer of developing, designing and producing children amusement equipment. Our company owned many excellent designer and professional technician, and our products became popular by our customers in the whole country. Our products mainly include : Inflatable Mechanical Bull Rides, Bumper Car, Trackless Train-Fiber, Mini Train Rides, Ferris Wheel Rides, Roller Coaster, Pirate Ship Rides, Big Pendulum, Cup Rides, Disco Tagada, Double Flying Rides, Carousel Rides, On the trail, Human Gyroscope, Rotary Octopus, Indoor playground,UFO, Crazy chair rides, Self control plane rides, Swing Rides, Four-seat plane, Star war, Rotary plane chair, Age chariot, Train rides,Electric cars and so on.

Beston Company
Beston Company

Our Advantages

  • Design and manufacture professional amusement equipment for fifteen years.
  • Market share, Company sales constantly in the lead position in the industry for twelve years. We get the specialized technic and fully minded research on the amusement equipment and devote ourselves to be a wonderful brand of Chinese amusement equipment.
  • Large-scale production bases of amusement equipment
  • Advantaged produce device and the large-scale production base of amusement equipment. We acquired numerous orders for Chinese amusement equipment at home and abroad.
  • We ‘ll provide the best solution from the different aspect for our clients according to demands. In the field of amusement equipment, we bring forth innovative ideas and use the specialized technic. Our production has special and novel outlooks as well as safe and fun, and more important thing is all of our equipment accord with national quality standard for the amusement equipment.
  • High-class customer service
  • Beston will produce customized equipment for the customer in their demands.

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd has exported many kinds of amusement equipment to all over the world,including Pakistan,Uzbekistan,Russia,Nigeria,Philippines,Iraq,Madagascar,and other counties in Europe,South American,Africa,and Asia. We supply park design, equipment,transport and a series of services to our customers. Welcome to buy amusement equipment from Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.

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