Mall Rides for Sale

Mall rides for sale are placed on the malls or shopping centers. In our daily life, parents have to buy something, so kids are a big problem at that time. Mall rides rise in response to the proper time and conditions. Children can have fun when their parents go to shopping. Thus, more and more malls begin to run a mall amusement park at their own place. Parents can enjoy shopping instead of worrying their kids. Meanwhile, kids can play with other kids in the same ages, so they do not cry and want to go home. Mall rides have a unique attraction to kids.

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Beston Amusement Equipment Company has many kinds of mall rides. We not only have good quality, but also has minimal price. We are ready to provide our best mall rides and superior service to you! Have any need, please contact us!

Features of Shopping Centre Rides

Most of shopping centre rides are prepared for children. So, they all have vivid colors and novel outlooks which are attractive to kids. Besides, shopping centre rides are put in the indoors. They have a small size in order to easily move and carry. Children do not have enough knowledge to operate the complicate machines, so Beston rides have simple structure, kids are easy to operate. The material of centre rides is safe. Kids will not be harmed during the playing process.

Which Kinds of Mall Kiddie Rides Beston Produced?

In Beston, we have many types of mall rides. Almost all of mall rides are prepared for children. Mall rides include many kinds of amusement rides, such as indoor rides, kid rides, coin operated rides, family rides, electric animal rides, mini rides and inflatable rides. Besides, indoor playground is commonly placed at a mall amusement park, also includes mall rides. In addition, Coin operated amusement rides also take a large proportion.

But which kind of rides are suitable for your mall? Here we will tell you something about the mall kiddie amusement rides for sale. Hope you can benefit from the following article and know more about mall rides.

Interested in Buying Mall Rides from Beston Amusement?

Advantages of Kiddie Mall Rides for Sale from Beston Amusement Company

  • We accept customized orders. You can choose colors, pictures, sizes and shapes by yourself.
  • Our shopping Centre kiddie rides have high-level quality and novel design which are attractive to kids
  • Our mall rides are smaller in size and easy to move and carry.
  • We supply different payment and transportation methods.
  • We provide installation video and all round service.
  • We have most competitive price, and you can earn money at the fastest speed.

Classification of Shopping Centre Rides for Sale

  • Shopping Center Bumper Cars

    Shopping center bumper cars are not difficult to use, because shopping center bumper cars are charged by batteries. With batteries they could work easily on the flat ground without specific area. So these shopping center bumper cars are much cheaper than the ceiling grid bumper cars.

Model: BNEB-H
Size: 1.95*1.25*0.95m
Passenger: 2 persons
Weight: 220kg
Power: 400w
Speed: 10-18 km/h (avg.)
Lighting: LED Headlights and taillights
Color: Red, Yellow, blue, red and so on
  • Shopping Center Carousel

    Shopping center carousel can also be used for mall amusement park. Shopping center carousels for sale are popular among kids, they are small in size, they are decorated with different colors and cartoon images. Shopping center carousels are attractive to kids. Shopping center carousel is made of cute animals, like dolphins, bees, sheep, pig and other cute animals.

Diameter: 1.4/1.8m
Power: 1.5-3KW
Voltage: 380V
Capacity: 3, 4 or 6 kids
  • Shopping Centre Trackless Train

    Usually trackless trains from Beston Amusement Equipment Company have different sizes and colors. Purchaser could customize the locomotive and decide colors and materials of the trackless train they need.

Model:  BBN-B
Parameters: One locomotive, three coaches
Total capacity: 19 persons
Size: 14620mm×1450mm×2100mm
Max Speed: 20km/h
Weight: 2300kg
  • Coin Operated Amusement Rides for Sale

    Kid’s coin operated amusement rides refer to the rides that activate by coin. Most of the rides will include sounds which made by the children’s or animals, music, some colorful led lights, pedals and buttons for monitoring the machine. These kids coin operated toys could be used for mall amusement parks.

Size:  1.8*0.9*1.7m
Capacity:  2 persons
Power:  less than 10W
Voltage:  220V/50-60Hz

Tips When Purchasing Shopping Centre Kiddie Rides

  • We all know the appearance of Kiddie Mall Rides for Sale is very important. You should choose the manufacturer who chooses beautiful colors and attractive cartoon to package the rides
  • Shopping Centre rides must not appear any sharp objects or iron objects, you must ensure that child is unlikely to be harmed.
  • A best shopping Centre rides for sale must have safety and high-quality accessory. Mall rides manufacturers who focus on the small parts, will produce impeccable amusement equipment rides.
  • Shopping Centre amusement rides must be built with good material, PVC or national standard steel to conform to the mechanical structure and to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
  • Last thing is the fact that it’s necessary to judge the relevant documents and strength of the amusement ride company.

Beston Mall Rides for Sale Services

  • Pre-Sales Service

    If you are new to mall rides business, we provide free mall amusement park design.
    If you have any questions, welcome to contact us any time. We will be responded in 24hours.
    We will delivery on time.

  • After-Sales Service

    Wooden case with plastic foam package to protect rides from damage during the transportation.
    Professional technician guide rides assemble at your place if you need.
    One year guarantee, we can send accessories if the rides have any damage.
    We will give your order process by sending you process pictures.

Package and Delivery of Mall Rides for Sale

First, we will package FRP parts by some wooden case. Second, we fill in some bubble plastic for the left parts. Besides, we’ll load rides in saving-space and reasonable way. In addition, we can also pack rides according to your requirements.

Mall Rides from Beston Amusement Equipment Company

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, design, production, sales as one of professional manufacturers. Beston has professional technicians and advanced device to produce the high-quality mall rides. Beston enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad. Most important thing is our mall kiddie rides with high-level safety and easily operates. We have exported our shopping center rides to more than 20 counties and received numerous excellent responses from customers’ feedback. In the meantime, we are further given the lower price.

Our company has specialized production workshop, large-scale workshop exhibition hall, spray-paint workshop, and owning rich experience technical engineers offer clients technical guidance, installations translations and working videos, to make sure best service after sales.

As a professional mall amusement rides manufacturer in China, Beston has exported many shopping centre rides to Pakistan, Palestine, Australia and other Countries. We have got highly praised from our customer. If you are looking for some large amusement park rides, come to Beston Amusement. Welcome to our factory to order new rides for your park!

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