Vintage Amusement Park Rides for Sale

What can you remember when we are asked about amusement ride for sale? Most people will answer the carousel, the Ferris wheel, the roller coaster, track park train and so on. These can be regarded as the vintage amusement park ride classification. Vintage amusement ride is not old or ancient park ride that is an amusement equipment which is popular since past time and be recognized and familiar among people. Vintage amusement park ride can be called as classic carnival park ride. This kind of amusement ride have long history and popular in some amusement parks, theme parks, carnival park, fairground and funfair ground until now.

Vintage Trackless Train for Sale

Vintage Trackless Train for Sale

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3 Rings Vintage Roller Coaster

Vintage Roller Coaster for Sale

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Beston Vintage Carousel Ride

Vintage Carousel for Sale

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120 Meter Vintage Ferris Wheel

Vintage Ferris Wheel for Sale

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In 21th century, amusement equipment manufacturers make use of advanced technology and materials to produce vintage fairground ride, but still retained the original function. And visitor don’t diminish their love on the vintage amusement rides. If you want purchase some famous and popular amusement equipment in your parks, you should think of vintage fairground equipment for sale in Beston! Beston vintage funfair ride for sale is a wonderful choice for you!

Hot Sale Vintage Amusement Park Rides in Beston

Here are some famous classical amusement ride in Beston:

  • Vintage Carousel for Sale

Carousel (also can be called as merry go round) is a traditional outdoor amusement ride which have more than 200 years history up to now. It was invented and manufactured in Europe, however, it has become an indispensable part in every amusement park. Vintage carousel is very easily to be seen in amusement parks. It has beautiful and gorgeous appearance which is similar in ancient time.

  • Vintage Ferris Wheel for Sale

Ferris wheel is a giant observation or sightseeing ride in carnival parks. It can be called as big wheel or giant wheel sometimes. Ferris wheel is a rotating upright wheel with multiple passenger-carrying cabins and capsules. It can easily attract passenger because of its vintage and marvelous appearance. Ferris wheel has long history. It was built in the 20th century. Vintage Ferris wheel has high safety, high capacity and low thriller so it is a good option for family to have a party.

  • Vintage Bumper Cars for Sale

Bumper car is a vintage thrill ride in fun parks. Vintage bumper cars usually be called dodgems in Britain. Generally, there are three types of bumper cars including electric bumper cars, battery operated bumper cars and inflatable bumper cars. The electric bumper car is more common to be seen in amusement parks. Extreme thrilling experience makes it keep a high popularity in vintage fairground rides.

  • Vintage Roller Coaster for Sale

The vintage roller coaster is another type of thrill vintage amusement park ride that made up by elevated railroad and multiple open trains/cars. The tract has tight & sharp turn and sudden drop (like steep slopes), and sometimes the train can go back and invert alongside the tract. The roller coaster thrill rides are often found in amusement parks and theme parks over the world. The oldest roller coasters are believed to have originated from the so-called “Russian Mountains” in the 17th century. And the first modern roller coaster opened in Paris on July 8, 1817.

  • Vintage Paratrooper Ride for Sale

The paratrooper ride, also known as the umbrella Ride, is a type of fairground thrill ride. It looks like a big electric fun from distance. The seats of this ride are free to move sideways and swing out under centrifugal force when the wheel is rotating. Invariably, the seats on the paratrooper ride have a round shaped umbrella or other shaped canopy above the seats. Paratrooper ride belongs to the vintage fairground thrill ride.

  • Vintage Chair Swing Rides for Sale

The swing ride or chair swing ride (sometimes called a swing carousel, wave swinger, yo-yo, Chair-O-Planes or swinger) is a vintage fairground ride that is a combination with carousel and chair. Because seats are replaced by chairs which are linked with top by a rope. In 1908, the first chair swing ride appeared in amusement park in the United States. The chair swing is a ride suitable for almost all ages especially for thrill seekers.

  • Vintage Track/Trackless Park Train for Sale

Vintage park train is can be seen in larger amusement parks invariably. Vintage track or trackless park train is another kind sightseeing funfair ride in our daily life. The appearance can be customizable as ancient steam train with or without track. Not only children can ride on it, all ages passengers can have fun and enjoy the view when they ride on it. The drive motor can be manufacture as electric or buttery. The position of vintage park train is always at tops among amusement ride for sale.

Some of vintage amusement ride can be regarded as vintage kiddie rides for sale. Such as the vintage carousel, vintage Ferris wheel and some vintage park trains. Because they are much more safe.

Vintage amusement park ride is far from these, if you want know more information about vintage funfair park ride for sale, please Email Beston!

Outstanding Features of Beston Vintage Amusement Park Ride for Sale

We all know that vintage amusement ride is always sold well because people like to ride on it. So it is a high revenue and high profit amusement equipment. If you want build a theme park or carnival park, the vintage amusement equipment must be include. Beston is a professional manufacture on producing vintage funfair park ride over 20 years. Our amusement rides is highly qualified in a reasonable price.

Here are some features and advantages of Beston vintage amusement park ride for sale

  • Attractive appearance. Beston have our own search and design team, we can manufacture the amusement rides in lively characters and vivid colors. We use the best dyestuff to pigment our vintage amusement park ride.
  • Excellent materials. Material is one of most the important element to manufacture funfair rides. Beston choose the economic and environmental material to produce our amusement equipment.
  • High quality. Beston have our own factory to produce vintage amusement park rides for sale. We will not miss any parts in manufacturing to make sure every amusement ride is in high quality.
  • Customize allowed. We can manufacture the vintage amusement rides according to your idea and plan. The size, the color, the material and some other decorations. If you need, we will make it.
  • Delivery on time. Beston cooperate with many famous brand shipping companies. We will find the best one company to deliver your vintage amusement park ride. After sending out goods, we will keep in touch with the logistics company till they arrive.

If you are interested in Beston vintage amusement park ride for sale, please contact us with Email and get price! We will give an answer as soon as possible!

Excellences and Advantages of Vintage Amusement Park Ride in Beston

  • First, Beston master advanced technology and manufacture thousands kinds of amusement ride in market. And we produces most of vintage amusement ride in the park. We are full of experiences in producing vintage amusement ride for sale.
  • Second, best service in selling. Beston provide comprehensive pre-sale and after-sale services. If you want buy our vintage fairground equipment for sale, we will do our best to help you.
  • Third, high cost-effective products. Vintage amusement park ride has a highly popularity in parks. Beston top vintage funfair rides are made by environmental and economic martial. The equipment is sturdy and durable with long life time. So the cost is greatly reduced.

Where to Buy Vintage Amusement Park Rides for Sale?

Vintage amusement park ride takes a very large proportion in amusement parks. So it is quite important and necessary for fairground park owners. Topping equipment but low price is the substantial investment mode. Where to buy a best and perfect vintage amusement park ride for sale? Come to Beston! We manufacture and supply various vintage fun park rides for sale in an affordable price. Beston is your reliable partner in amusement equipment industry. If you have any problem in Beston vintage amusement park rides, just Email us. We are very pleasant to help you. Beston give a warmly welcome to every client to have a visit and investigation on-the-spot.

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