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Disco fairground ride for sale in Beston! Disco ride – one of the hottest and newest outdoor amusement ride in the world. Disco ride has been called as “Flying UFO Ride” or “Flying UFO Saucer Ride”. It is a new kind thrill carnival ride for sale. It can be regarded as a new type of track amusement ride. Instead of trains, the ride seats are equipped in a huge turntable with lots of motorcycle shape seats. Special design and fast speed are two attractive point of disco ride. If you want buy a thrill disco ride in your park, please have a look on Beston disco ride for sale manufacturer!

Large Disco Rides
BNFS-24A Disco Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNFS-24A
Area: 30*14 m2
Power:  24KW
Voltage:380 V
Capacity: 24 person
Running Height: 0.6m – 5.6m
Max Running Speed: 10.93m/s

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Disco Rides for Park
BNFS-24B Beston Disco Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNFS-24B
Area: 30*14 m2
Power:  24KW
Voltage:380 V
Capacity: 24 person
Running Height: 0.6m – 5.6m
Max Running Speed: 10.93m/s

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Description of Beston Flying UFO Ride for Sale

The disco flying UFO ride is mainly consisted of two parts, the halfpipe track and a spinning round platform. When the ride is begin to work, the platform move back and forth along the halfpipe track. On a disco ride, riders sit on a circular platform with outward-facing seats. The seat on the platform is also self-rotating while moving. In the middle of the round platform, usually there is a giant motorcyclist riding motorbike statue standing on. The statue is not movable. When you are taking the ride, you can experience the high speed of Beston flying UFO ride.

Details for Disco Amusement Rides
Details for Disco Rides
Details for Disco Rides
Details for Disco Rides

Features of Beston Disco Flying UFO Ride

  • Novel design appearance and beautiful decorations. Special design with bright color can easily attract people to have a try on the disco ride.
  • Music sound player and colorful lights. Beston flying UFO ride is equipped with advanced music sound player and colorful lights. When it is started, exciting music and shinning lights make people more excited.
  • The ride can be customized. The size, color and capacity can be customized if you need.
  • High capacity. The ride can bearing at least 24 person ride on it at the same time.
  • Changeable speed. The speed of Beston disco flying UFO ride can be changed. If you don’t want high speed we can manufacture a lower speed disco ride for you.

How Does a Disco Flying UFO Ride Work?

What is the work principle of disco ride? The work principle of disco ride is similar with roller coaster ride. We all know that roller coaster is heading along its track, Beston disco ride is same. With a drive motor, the disco ride can move along the special track. When the ride is in still, the turntable is in the middle. And as long as the electric power start to drive disco ride, this ride is lift up to the top of track first then bring down. When platform is running on the special half circle track, the turntable is self-spinning at the same time.

The seat usually is designed as a motorbike shape, when people ride on it, it is very likely ride on the real motorcycle. They have to hold the handle and lean on the backrest of seat tightly. If you want other shape, the seat can be manufactured as your idea.

If you want buy an outdoor thrill ride for sale, please choose Beston disco flying UFO ride! A best quality and new design fairground ride for you!

Advantages of Beston Disco Ride for Sale Manufacturer

    • First, Beston disco ride make use of advantage technology to manufacture our excellent disco ride for sale. Our disco ride are sold well in outdoor fairground parks, theme parks and some large carnival parks.
    • Second, Beston disco ride is made by good material. We use fiberglass-reinforced plastics (FRP) and steel in good quality as our original material. So that our disco flying saucer can last in long time and be used in many times.
    • Third, professional pre-sale and after-sales service. Beston is a professional and reliable amusement manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide best service when you are buying our disco ride for sale.
    • Fourth, Beston disco ride is customizable. You can customize disco ride according your area condition and budget. We will select the perfect one for you!
    • Fifth, exciting music and dazzling colorful lights. Beston disco fair ride equipped with many dazzling lights decorations. And the music player can play some exciting sound when the disco ride is activated.
    • Wonderful experience on riding a Beston disco fair ride!

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Do you want buy a good quality disco ride for sale in an inexpensive price? Please have a free quote with Beston Amusement Equipment Co. Ltd! As a professional amusement park rides manufacture, with advanced amusement equipment technical support, Beston Amusement Park Rides Company dedicated to the study of amusement equipment disco flying UFO saucer ride and devotes to create a quality brand of amusement facilities in China. Our disco ride is durable in use and in a discount price. Every client are warmly and feverishly welcomed to have a quote with Beston!

Your Reliable Cooperation Partner – Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd

Beston is a professional amusement park rides manufacture and supplier in China. We have produced outdoor thrill amusement park rides over 10 years. Beston disco fairground ride have been exported to more than 20 countries, such as, Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Nigeria and so on. All of our disco flying UFO ride acquired international standard certifications. We supply excellent disco ride in affordable price. If you are interested in our disco ride, please Email Beston and have a free quote on price! We sincerely hope be your reliable partner in cooperation!

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