Amusement Robot Rides for Sale

Amusement walking robot rides are a popular amusement ride among young people and kids. If you have some trendy coin operated walking robot rides, you will earn lots of money. Beston has high quality robot amusement rides, they are appropriate for your amusement parks, theme parks, kiddie parks, plaza, shopping centers and other indoor or outdoor playground! You can design amusement walking robot rides for yourself! Refuse To Excessive Profit, Will Not Let You Spend Money That Should Not Have Been Spent. Welcome to Buy Amusement Walking Robot Rides for Sale at Low Price!

Passenger Amusement Robot Rides
BNR-01 Passenger Amusement Robot Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNR-01
Diameter: 1.3*0.95*1.6m
Power: 60w*2
Voltage: 380V
Loading Weight: 150kg

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Passenger Amusement Robot Rides
BNR-02 Passenger Amusement Robot Ride

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNR-02
Diameter: 1.3*0.95*1.6m
Power: 60w*2
Voltage: 380V
Loading Weight: 150kg

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The Reasons of Choosing Beston Robot Rides

  • We upgrade robot amusement rides newly and change the material into thick glass reinforced plastic which is durable.
  • Digital controls system, passenger can control the rides by themselves. Robot rides operated by dual rocker, passengers could control the direction freely, back, forward, rotate within 360 degree is easy to robot ride. People can get the feeling that of thrill and just like manipulate a real robot.
  • Music playback function can be inserted into the SD card. Passengers can change the song themselves, and adjust the volume freely. That function gives passengers more initiative.
  • Two batteries make a longer working time. One robot ride can service more customers after charging one time, and you can earn more money.
  • Our kids ride walking robot for amusement park has a handsome appearance which is drawn lots of attention from kids in the amusement parks and squares.

Walking robot ride is easy to carry to the square, plaza, and other playground. All of our robot walking amusement rides are driven by battery. We have a lot of robot rides for kids in different model. Our designers always choose the new and lovely, attractive cartoon images which charming by most of the kids. So, wherever you are, you can take numbers of customers. We have the coin operated walking robot rides with lovely appearance to attract little girls, and cool robot amusement rides to appeal boys. The walking robot rides are not only adapted for boys. But also can raise some girl’ interests. Then, you will own more potential customers.

Interested in Buying Kiddie Robot Rides from Beston Amusement?

Information of Beston Kids Robot Rides

About Beston kiddie passenger carrying robot rides, the first thing into our minds is that they have cool looks. And we all are looking forward to them. There are some details you should know— their material: They are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, which make the robot rides lighter and stronger. Meanwhile colors will be brighter. What’s more, they are non-conductive to make sure the safety of Beston kids robot rides. Then, you should pay attention to the seats. They are full of sponges which are comfortable enough to sit on.

And the safety belts fixed on the seats to ensure the safety of riders. Except for these two main parts, there are many important parts that make the fantastic robot rides possible. On the shoulders and other frames, often be put on a brilliant light to make sure it is also charming at night. And on each side of the arm, there is a joystick for riders to move the robot rides forwards and backwards, or turning around in 360 degrees. Between the big feet of the robot ride, a cross joint was equipped with a pedal which is convenient for riders and let them sit comfortably and safely.

Advantages of Beston Robot Amusement Rides

  • Easy to operate. Beston kiddie passenger carrying robot rides is specially designed so that even children can easily operate them and have great fun on their own.
  • Battery powered. Beston kiddie robot rides are powered by batteries, and they can work for a long time continually by only charge for a few hours.
  • Diverse choices. We have lots of different kinds of robot amusement rides for sale. Whatever you want, you can always search for the one you like.
  • More safe. The electronic seat belt ensures that the seat belt is fastened and the machine begins to play.
  • Quality materials. Robot amusement rides in Beston are made of top quality fiberglass reinforced plastic and stainless steel, as well as unfading colors.
  • Huge returns. All the above points make kiddie robot amusement rides very popular. And this great popularity means that you can make huge money out of the cool robot rides.
  • There is not any floor limit. Beston robot amusement rides can work on any floor.
  • Remote control. Beston kiddie robot rides can be controlled remotely. So you can start and stop the rides according to you.

Interested in Buying Kiddie Robot Rides from Beston Amusement?

Matters Need Attention When Buying Kiddie Robot Rides

Do not overload. Each robot ride has its load capacity. Some walking robot rides only can take one person, please do not overload or your robot rides will damage quickly. More serious thing is passengers on the ride will be dangerous.

Too young to drive on the walking robot. Kids under 4 years old should be accompanied by their parents. They cannot control amusement robot ride by themselves.

Do not recharge the robot rides again and again. Only when there is little power available, you can recharge it. Or the batteries will be damaged and run out of use in a short time.

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading coin operated walking robot rides manufacturer in China. We have a wide selection of amusement robot rides for you. If you have any question about our robot amusement rides and services, please feel free to reach us. We will be contacted in 24 hours!

Welcome to buy amusement Robot ride with different colors and models from our company! Give us a chance, and we will give you the best! Reasonable Prices with Highest Quality!

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