Reasons for the Failure of Large Amusement Park Rides

Large amusement park rides may break down when working. And what are the reasons for the failure?

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Four-loop Roller Coaster

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The Problems of Large Amusement Park Rides

The types of large amusement park rides are increasing with the needs of people. The state has higher security requirements for operations and more scientific management. At present, most of the amusement rides industry is privately contracted. The maintenance of amusement equipment is not a professional. The understanding of the operation principle of amusement rides is not thorough enough. The negligence of accidents is inevitable. The most terrible part is the operation. The quality of personnel is relatively low, and there is no strict safety inspection before the operation of the equipment. Moreover, the equipment they purchase does not have a little safety guarantee, which greatly increases the risk of tourists in the process of playing.

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120m Ferris Wheel

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The Occurrence of Large Amusement Equipment Accidents

  1. Do not read the safety precautions carefully before riding the rides.
  2. The excitement in the play process leads to violations of safety matters (especially disco tagada rides, pirate ship rides, swing rides, roller coasters, ferris wheel and other amusement rides with lower safety factor).

The Operator’s Reasons

  1. No safety precautions are reminded before the equipment is started.
  2. Suddenly start the device, no alarm bell, did not make passengers psychologically prepared.
  3. The equipment is not repaired in time. In order to make money, the equipment has problems and business as usual.

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