Roller Coaster for Sale

Beston sell the hottest and newest roller coaster ride in inexpensive price! Roller coaster is one of the most famous vintage thrill ride in the world. Almost every amusement parks, carnival parks, theme parks and some large fairground can see this amusement equipment. It is also one of the most popular outdoor giant carnival ride for all age’s people. Beston manufacture various kinds of roller coaster for you to choose! If you want buy a roller coaster ride for your parks, please find Beston! You can leave a message and get a free quote on our website, we will reply you as soon as possible!

Large Roller Coaster Rides for Sale
BNRC-14A Medium Suspended Roller Coaster

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNRC-14A (Suspended Roller Coaster)
Drive Power: 90KW
Height of the Track: 28m
Track Length: 500m
Cover Area: 95*56m
Capacity: 12 persons
Speed: 74.4 km/h
Running Time: 105s

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Beston large roller coaster for sale

Technical Parameters:

Model:  BNRS-20A (3 Loops)
Power: 210KW
Track Length: 780m
Cover Area: 145*70m
Speed: 80.4km/h
Capacity: 20 persons

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What is a Roller Coaster Ride?

Beston roller coaster is a type of outdoor amusement ride which applies a form of elevated railroad track designed with sharp turns, steep slopes, and sometimes inversions. People ride along the track in multi open cars, and the rides are often found in amusement parks and theme parks all over the world. By now, roller coaster rides have been designed and invented about 130 years. It is a classic and vintage fairground ride in our life. The track in a coaster design does not necessarily have to be a complete circuit, as shuttle roller coasters demonstrate. Most roller coasters have multiple cars in which passengers sit and are restrained. Two or more cars linked together are called a train. Some roller coasters, like famous wild mouse roller coasters, just move with single cars.

Steel roller coaster
BNRM-24A Steel Roller Coaster

Technical Parameters:

Model:  BNRM-24A (3 Loops)
Power: 120KW
Track Length: 720m
Cover Area: 150*50m
Speed: 80m/s
Capacity: 24 persons

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Large roller coaster rides
BNSC-20A Large Roller Coaster

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNSC-20A (Suspended Roller Coaster)
Installed Power: 230KW
Track Length: 780m
Cover Area: 140*80m
Height of Track: 33 meter
Capacity: 20 persons
Maximum Speed: 85km/h
Time for 1 Circle: 140s

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How does a Roller Coaster Ride Work?

What is the work principle of roller coaster rides? The cars on a typical roller coaster are not self-powered. Instead, a standard full circuit coaster is pulled up with a chain or cable alongside the coaster track. The potential energy accumulated by the rise in height is transferred to kinetic energy as the cars race down the first downward slope. Kinetic energy is then converted back into potential energy as the train moves up. The train is usually controlled by a hydraulic system with high speed. It is an extreme thrill experience for people to have a ride on it. Some roller coasters move back and forth along the same section of track; these are known as shuttles and usually run the circuit once with riders moving forwards and then backwards through the same course.

Steel Roller Coaster for Sale
BNRM-24B Steel Roller Coaster

Technical Parameters:

Model:  BNRM-24B (3 Loops)
Power: 210KW
Track Length: 780m
Cover Area: 145*70m
Speed: 80.4km/h
Capacity: 20 persons

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Beston use the newest and advanced technology in controlling roller coaster, so it is very easy for stuff to operate. If you want purchase a fast roller coaster thrill ride, you can find what you want in Beston!

Magic Ring Roller Coaster For Sale From Beston

Area 55*12m
Track Height 54m
Track Length 150m
Max Speed 98km/h
Passenger 12persons
Power 290kw
Voltage 380v 50hz
Theoretical Capacity 240p/h
BNMRRC 01 - Magic Ring Roller Coaster For Sale - Beston Factory
BNMRRC 01 – Magic Ring Roller Coaster For Sale

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BNMRRC 02 - Magic Ring Roller Coaster For Sale - Beston Company
BNMRRC 02 – Magic Ring Roller Coaster For Sale

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BNMRRC 03 - Magic Ring Roller Coaster For Sale - Beston Supplier
BNMRRC 03 – Magic Ring Roller Coaster For Sale

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BNMRRC 04 - Magic Ring Roller Coaster For Sale - Beston Supplier
BNMRRC 04 – Magic Ring Roller Coaster For Sale

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Types of Beston Amusement Roller Coaster Ride

Roller coaster rides can be classified into many types with different features and angle/directions. Beston classify roller coaster ride in two types according to its size. The first type is Beston backyard roller coaster rides (also can be regarded as small roller coaster rides), and the second type is Beston large/giant roller coaster rides.

  • Beston Large/Giant Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Large roller coaster is easily founded in outdoor theme parks and fairground. The large roller coaster has long and multi circles track with sharp turns and steep slopes. In addition, the train of roller coaster is longer with high capacity. In usual, the speed of giant type is fast and can reach 1.2 meter per second. It is very suitable for the thrill seekers as a thrill and exciting ride.

  • Beston Backyard Roller Coaster Rides for Sale

Small roller coaster is designed and manufactured for kids. It can be seen as a mini roller coaster, miniature roller coaster or backyard roller coaster. Compared with large roller coaster, the kiddie roller coaster runs in a lower speed. And the track is smooth without many tight turns. However, the train is designed as a single seat with lively cartoon figures as decoration. Beston fruit warm roller coaster and Beston dragon roller coaster are sold well in china as children’s roller coaster.

  • Beston Carnival Roller Coaster for Sale

Here are more detail information about two types of Beston carnival roller coaster for sale!

Beston roller coaster ride can customize the color, the track length and train appearance. If you want know Beston roller coaster price, please Email Bston!

Features of Beston Excellent Roller Coaster Amusement Equipment

  • High quality of Beston roller coaster. Beston choose the best steel as the material to make our roller coaster track. And we use Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics in producing the train. As a professional roller coaster supplier and maker, we have our own factory in manufacturing and testing our new roller coaster.
  • High safety. The safety is the most important part of extreme thrilling and exciting carnival ride. Beston roller coaster thrill ride equip with handle, harness and safety belt in each cars to make sure every passengers can be protected with safety equipment.
  • Attractive appearance. Beston outdoor roller coaster fairground use various color in painting. Some mini backyard roller coaster train are made into cartoon model. And the track is designed with beautiful colors to draw visitors’ attention.
  • Different types. Beston provide lots of kind roller coaster for sale. Giant and large roller coaster with different circle track. And miniature roller coaster for young kids in special train shape.

If you are interested in Beston roller coaster for sale in a reasonable price, you can leave a message or send an Email to Beston! We will give a response as quickly as we can!

Interested in Buying Large and Small Roller Coaster Rides from Beston Amusement?

Buy a Roller Coaster in Beston Amusement Equipment

Beston roller coaster have unique advantages in amusement ride industry. Here are some excellent points of Beston roller coaster rides for sale.

  • Over 20 years experiences in manufacturing roller coaster in China. Beston is a famous amusement equipment manufacturer with rich experiences and advanced technology. We produced carnival roller coaster over 20 years. We can design and manufacturing BEST roller coaster for you!
  • Best quality in affordable price. Beston roller coasters have acquired international standard certifications. We are very strict in our material picking and producing process to ensure the quality price. Instead of using wood as material, we select FRP as our main material in manufacturing train. That reduce the cost of a roller coaster.
  • Perfect service in Beston. We treat our clients with our full heart, and we provide best pre-sale and after sale service in selling. If you have problems in installing and operating Beston roller coaster. Beston very would like to help and assistant you.

Where to Buy a Roller Coaster for Sale for Your Amusement Park?

If you have interest on roller coaster, you may want to know where I can buy a roller coaster or how to buy a roller coaster. Beston roller coaster carnival rides is an ideal option for you! If you want purchase the excellent Beston roller coaster rides, just search Beston in Google and find our official website. You can Email Beston about roller coaster price and more details. Don’t hesitate anymore! Beston give a sincerely and warmly welcome to everybody to buy our best and perfect outdoor roller coaster amusement equipment for sale!

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