Thrill Rides for Sale

Thrill rides for sale is a type of amusement park rides which is usually installed in fun parks, fairground parks, funfair parks carnival parks and some theme parks. The extreme thrill ride is designed and produced as an outdoor large carnival ride in general. This kind of amusement rides is a good option for people to relax themselves and have a party with families and friends. Beston thrill rides for sale conclude most of crazy thrill rides productions in market. Beston amazing thrill rides is in a high quality and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us and know about more details about our productions!

360 Degree Pendulum Swing Ride

Pendulum Swing Ride for Sale

Beston pendulum/Frisbee swing ride for sale! Pendulum swing ride is one of the newest type extreme thrill ride in amusement ...
Steel Roller Coaster for Sale

Roller Coaster for Sale

Beston sell the hottest and newest roller coaster ride in inexpensive price! Roller coaster is one of the most famous ...
Thrill Top Spin Ride from Beston

Top Spin Ride for Sale

Beston top spin amusement ride for sale in affordable price! The Top Spin Ride is a large thrill outdoor ride ...
Energy Storm Amusement Ride

Energy Storm Ride for Sale

Amazing energy storm ride for sale! Beston sell the large thrill fairground ride – energy storm carnival ride in a ...
Techno Jump Ride for Sale

Techno Jump for Sale

The amusement ride techno jump is a kind of amusement equipment that our company mainly develops and produces. Our technicians ...
Disco Rides for Park

Disco Rides for Sale Manufacturer

Disco fairground ride for sale in Beston! Disco ride – one of the hottest and newest outdoor amusement ride in ...
24 Seat Breakdance Amusement Rides

Breakdance Ride for Sale

Best breakdance amusement ride for sale in Beston! Breakdance ride is a new type of outdoor rotating fairground ride. It ...
Slingshot Ride for Sale

Slingshot Ride for Sale

Are you still searching for an extreme thrilling ride for sale? Come on and have a look at Beston slingshot ...
Skymaster Ride for Sale

Skymaster Ride for Sale

Skymaster ride, also called a Kamikaze (ride), is a pendulum amusement ride, usually found as a thrilling ride, with some ...
40 Meter Swing Tower for Sale

Swing Tower Rides for Sale

Swing tower amusement rides is a new type of outdoor swing rides in fairground parks and theme parks. It is ...

Brief Description of Thrill Amusement Park Rides

What is a thrill ride? Thrill rides is a kind of large amusement in parks which give people thrilling and crazy feelings. The thrill ride usually runs, moves, swing and rotates in a high speed or be designed and built in a very high height. When passengers ride on it, people is getting extreme crazy with high blood pressure and exciting spirits.

Functions of Thrill Rides for Sale

  • It helps people to release their pressure in their daily life and raise their braveness to overcome the difficult. It is useful to try the thrill rides in the amusement parks.
  • It helps people to build and strength their relationships in families and friends. Because the thrill ride is settled in parks. And park is a nice place to have party with the important people. People always have funs and spend a wonderful time in carnival and amusement parks.

Hot Sale Amusement Park Thrill Rides in Beston

  • Pendulum rides for sale in Beston (also be called as giant pendulum rides or Frisbee rides)

  1. Appearance & Shape: The pendulum rides are one of the scariest thrill rides in the world, it looks like a giant clock pendulum fixed in a settled support. The swing arm is like a clock needle, and the seat part is like a “doughnut” or ring. People can sit one next one in a round circle.
  2. Work principle: the swing arm swing around with a horizontal axis back and forth.

More information about Beston pendulum amusement park ride for sale

Name Pendulum Amusement Park Rides
Capacity 6,16,24,30,40passengers (can be customizable)
Area 4*4m-15*15m
Height 3-20m
Power 6-25kw
Voltage 380V
Max Speed 1.8m/s-6m/s
Material Steel

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  • Thrill Rides Roller Coasters for Sale in Beston

Introduction: the roller coaster is a type of thrill amusement park ride that made up by elevated railroad and multiple open trains/cars. The tract has tight turn and sudden drop (like steep slopes), and sometimes the train can go back and invert alongside the tract. The roller coaster thrill rides are often found in amusement parks and theme parks over the world. The first modern roller coaster opened in Paris on July 8, 1817.

Features of Beston Roller Coasters Theme Park Thrill Ride

  • High speed and extreme thrill feeling
  • Good quality and reasonable price
  • Excellent material and best service
  • The appearance, shape, color and capacity can be customizable

 Some Details About 3 Type Thrill Roller Coasters in Beston

Model BNSC-24R BNSC-24D BNSC-20A
power 90 KW 120 KW 230 KW
Track length 495 M 730 M 780 M
Cover area 85*30 M2 155*55 M 140*80 M
Cars 4 6 5
Capacity 16 24 20
  • Top Scan Thrill  Rides for Sale

Top scan rides also be called as crazy windmill rides or speed windmill rides. It is very common to see that in amusement park, Funfair Park and other theme parks. The ride has six free-rotating gondolas each with five seats and the standard triple-lock harnesses, including the belt.

How does a top scan work? As the ride begins, the main support rises upwards slightly so it is not at ground level and cannot cause any risks during the ride, then the ride spins backwards and occasionally forwards then the main arm starts spinning with the gondolas freely tilting upside-down.

Main Types of Thrill Rides for Sale In Our Factory

Pendulum rides/giant pendulum rides/ Frisbee rides Surf’s up rides Energy storm rides
Roller coasters Pirate ship rides Slingshot rides
Break dance rides Swing chair rides Kangaroo jump rides
Top spin rides Slingshot rides Scream machine rides
Human gyroscope ride Swing tower rides/vertical swing rides Meniscus roller coaster car rides
Disco Tagada rides Ferris ring car rides Miami fairground rides
Jump and smile rides/ Techno jump rides Top scan rides Kamikaze rides

These are our main productions of thrill game rides for sale in Beston, if you want know more about thrill amusement park rides for sale, please send us an email and contact us!

Interested in Buying Thrill Amusement Rides from Beston ?

The Attentions You Must Know When Taking Thrill Rides Game

  • First, the thrill rides is a one kind of scariest thrill rides in the world. It has a little danger. Please think about your physical body condition before you take on it. If you have sickness, do not ventured your precious life. Besides, the older people and too young kids are not suitable to take the thrill ride.
  • Second, please check the safety equipment is correctly used. The wrong operation of safety equipment is very dangerous. Make sure you do the correct operation.

Why People Choose Beston Thrill Rides for Amusement Park?

Beston is a professional amusement park rides manufacture in China. We have produced thrill amusement park rides over 20 years. Our productions are sold well and advance in China. Beston thrill rides for sale are all in high and nice quality with special designs. We use the best and excellent material to manufacture our thrill rides and our amusement park thrill rides are in a reasonable price. And our thrill rides have acquired many standard certifications. That is why Beston thrill rides can be sold and be approved abroad over 20 countries. If you are interested in thrill rides, please contact us and get a free quote! We warmly welcome you to email us and ask more information about our thrill rides for sale!

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