Vintage Ferris Wheel for Sale

What can you remember when you are asked about amusement rides in parks. Most of people will reply “Ferris wheel”. Yes, almost every theme parks, carnival parks and fairground can see it. And with the development of Ferris wheel fairground ride, many new types have been manufactured in today, such as the typical observation Ferris wheel, double or triple Ferris wheel. However, the vintage Ferris wheel ride is always a popular and classic type.

120 Meter Vintage Ferris Wheel
BNFW-120A 120 Meter Vintage Ferris Wheel

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNFW-120A
Totals Height: 120M
Structure: Truss
Drive Mode: Hydraulic
Cabin No. : 60 ( Air Conditioning, Sound)
Capacity of the Wheel: 360
Power: 55kw
Area: 45*51.5 Square Meters

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What is a Vintage Ferris wheel?

Vintage or retro Ferris wheel is a giant observation or sightseeing playground ride in carnival parks. It can be called as big wheel or giant wheel sometimes. Vintage Ferris wheel is a classic and antique rotating upright wheel with multiple passenger-carrying cabins and capsules. It can easily attract passengers because of its antique and marvelous appearance. People can easily find it in large theme parks, fun fair parks and some outdoor playgrounds. Antique and vintage Ferris wheel is always a best option for your parks.

89 Meter Vintage Ferris Wheel Rides
BNFW-89A 89 Meter Vintage Ferris Wheel Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNFW-89A
Totals Height: 89M
Structure: Support Arm With Spoke
Drive Mode: Hydraulic
Cabin No. : 54 ( Air Conditioning, Sound)
Capacity of the Wheel: 324
Power: 39.2kw
Area: 42*36 Square Meters

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How does a Vintage Ferris wheel Work?

Ferris wheel can be looked as a short cylindrical section in vertical stand. More like an impending and hanging circle. In early, the Ferris wheel in powered and controlled by human being. It is a manual control fun ride. But now, we make use of advanced science technology – electricity and hydraulic pressure. Vintage Ferris wheel is becoming an automatic controlled carnival rides in amusement industry. As Beston vintage Ferris wheel gets through electricity, the drive motor is activated. Ferris wheel can spin in anticlockwise direction in few minutes. Large antique Ferris wheel will take more time of spinning a revolution than small one.

108 Meter Vintage Ferris Wheel for Sale
BNFW-108A 108 Meter Vintage Ferris Wheel

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNFW-108A
Totals Height: 108m
Structure: Truss
Drive Mode: Mechanical
Cabin No. : 42 ( Air Conditioning, Sound)
Capacity of the Wheel: 252
Power: 40kw
Area: 50*46 Square Meters

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Beston Vintage Ferris wheel for Sale in Low Price

If you want buy a best vintage Ferris wheel for sale, please find Beston! If you want purchase a retro Ferris wheel in affordable price, Beston antique and vintage Ferris wheel fairground ride is your ideal choice! Beston have many kinds of vintage Ferris wheel land rides with different sizes. Mini or small vintage Ferris wheel for sale, middle size Ferris wheel ride for sale and large or giant Ferris wheel ride for sale. Beston antique Ferris wheel amusement for sale with excellent quality in discount price, welcome everyone buy our brilliant and amazing Ferris wheel in old fashion style!

Classifications of Beston Vintage Outdoor Playground Ride – Retro and Vintage Ferris wheel

Beston have 3 main typical vintage Ferris wheel outdoor playground ride for sale. The miniature vintage Ferris wheel for children, middle size vintage Ferris wheel fairground ride and giant antique Ferris wheel theme park ride. Mini/small retro Ferris wheel is especially designed and manufactured for little kids.

  • Kiddie small size vintage Ferris wheel for sale. Kiddie small Ferris wheel is made with many cute and lively cartoon figures. The height of Beston Ferris wheel is under 10 meter and speed of this equipment is a little bit faster than other two types. Because the diameter is short, and the time of one revolution is not long.
  • Middle size vintage Ferris wheel is the most economic type of this three type. Compares with small vintage Ferris wheel, middle size have a larger capacity. While, compared with giant vintage Ferris wheel, the application area is wide. And cost of big vintage Ferris wheel is much higher.
  • Giant/big vintage Ferris wheel for sale. Beston retro giant Ferris wheel is usually considered as a viewing and observation amusement ride in some large theme parks and some famous tourist attraction. The height of giant vintage Ferris wheel is beyond 70 meter.

Beston vintage and retro Ferris wheel for sale with best quality in favored and low price. If you have any question of Beston three types retro vintage Ferris wheel for sale, please leave a message on our website or Email Beston Amusement Equipment Company

Here are some details (pictures and parameters) of 3 classifications of Beston vintage and antique Ferris wheel fair rides for sale, if you want get price information, please tell us in Email.

Outstanding Features of Beston Vintage Ferris wheel Amusement Equipment

  • Best quality of Beston vintage Ferris wheel. We selected good steel as our original material in manufacturing our Ferris wheel. And after making, we check and test according to international standard.
  • Many size for you to choose. Three kind vintage Ferris wheel for sale to pick. You can pick up the most suitable type in your parks. In addition, Beston vintage Ferris wheel can be customized in color and size.
  • Long lifetime. Beston not only use good material in producing, but we also have a professional team in spray paint with advanced technology. That and keeps Beston vintage Ferris wheel can be used in a long time.

Why People Buy Vintage Ferris wheel in Beston

Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is a famous vintage Ferris wheel theme park ride manufacturer and supplier in China. We have many years’ experiences in producing Ferris wheel rides. Beston vintage Ferris wheel have be exported to many countries and received many good comments from our clients. Beston retro and antique Ferris wheel acquired many international standard certifications of quality. Beside, Beston provide the best service during selling and after selling. We cooperated with many famous shipping logistic company in delivering service. And if you have installment and opration problems, we can send our professional engineer team to assist you.

If you want purchase a Ferris wheel in affordable price, welcome to Beston Amusement Company! We provide top and best vintage Ferris wheel fairground ride for sale!

History of Vintage Ferris wheel Rides

Ferris wheel is a historic fairground rides. In early time, Ferris wheel is a simple amusement ride for people to entertain in spare time. It was be called as “Pleasure wheels”, whose passengers rode in chairs suspended from large wooden rings turned by strong men, may have originated in 17th-century Bulgaria. With science and technology developed, people modified the Ferris wheel, and make a new function for it. With the size become bigger and higher, people will enjoy beautiful scenery when they ride on it. Gradually, the Ferris wheel becomes a sightseeing amusement ride in our life. Most of Ferris wheel carnival rides in amusement market are in retro style.

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