Vintage Kiddie Rides for Sale

Vintage and Classic Children’s Amusement Rides for Sale in Beston! What is a Vintage Kiddie Ride? Vintage kiddie rides for sale is a classic carnival ride which can be found in every parks with long history. So the vintage kiddie ride is a popular ride which is designed and manufactured for little children only. Beston kiddie vintage rides includes children carousel, mini roller coaster, small bumper cars and kiddie coin operated kiddie ride, etc. If you want buy some interesting kids ride, you can choose Beston vintage kiddie fun rides for sale! We supply various kinds of kid’s fairground rides with good quality in an ideal price!

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Vintage Trackless Train for Sale

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What can be called as Vintage Kiddie Equipment?

Which kind amusement ride can be regarded as vintage kiddie rides? Actually, we can see most of vintage children’s rides in amusement parks. Vintage amusement ride is not old or ancient park ride that is an amusement equipment which is popular since past time and be recognized and familiar among people until now. And kiddie vintage ride is a special kind because it is made only for young kids. Such as, kiddie carousel rides, kiddie bumper car, children coin operated rides and so on.

In 21th century, children don’t diminish their love on the vintage kiddie amusement rides. If you want purchase some famous and popular kids’ amusement equipment in your amusement parks or fairground, you should think of vintage fairground equipment for children in Beston!

Types of Vintage Children’s Amusement Rides

Here are some short introduction of vintage kiddie rides for sale in Beston, these are very popular and famous in people. If you want buy children mini amusement rides for sale, these will be the best choice for you!

  • Beston Vintage Kiddie Carousel Ride for Sale (Kiddie Merry Go Round for Sale)

Carousel is not strange for people, it can be called merry-go-round in Britain. Kiddie carousel rides is one kind of carousel rides which is be manufactured in small size with lively cartoon figures. It have 3-6 seats for kids to ride. Compared with the traditional carousel, kid mini carousel is much safer for child to take. And lively cartoon figures are more attractive for little kids.

  • Beston Vintage  Kiddie Bumper Cars for Sale

Bumper cars ride have a high popularity among kids. It is a thrilling and exciting amusement equipment with high speed. But, kid’s bumper car speed is lower than adult bumper car. And in recent year, Beston manufactured and modified a new mini battery operated bumper car for child. It can be used in some fairground and some front square of mall.

  • Beston Vintage Kiddie Roller Coaster for Sale

Kid mini roller coaster for sale in Beston have main two products. Beston fruit warm roller coaster and Beston dragon roller coaster. The train of roller coaster is designed as a warm/bug or dragon. And the speed of Beston miniature roller coaster is in a lower limitation. Every cabin of train allow to sit one child.

  • Beston Vintage Kiddie Track/Trackless Park Train for Sale

Similar with miniature roller coaster, mini park train is made for little children. The small park train is designed in special animation figures and some animals. Beston track and trackless train are used largely and widely. They can be used in outdoor amusement parks and some indoor mall squares as a best sightseeing and viewing rides.

  • Beston Kiddie Vintage Coin Operated Equipment for Sale

Coin operated kiddie rides are very common in some supermarkets and malls. Coin operated kiddie rides first appeared in the late 1940s and early 1950s. It have over 70-years history in kid amusement ride industry. It have influenced people deeply, kids in especial. Beston coin operated kiddie rides always manufactured as a horse, a mouse and some animal with colorful lights and wonderful music.

These are brief introduction of Beston kiddie amusement mini rides, if you want know more information about beston small carnival rides for kids, please leave a message on our website, we will response you as soon as possible!


The Feature of Beston Vintage Carnival Kiddie Rides

  • Lively and colorful cartoon figure. Beston is full of experiences in manufacturing kiddie rides. And we choose lots of cartoon figure or animal on kiddie rides to attract their curiosity.
  • Best quality of our kiddie rides in Beston. Considering the passenger are children, we choose the safe and harmless material. All of our vintage kiddie rides have got the international quality certifications.
  • Favored price of our kiddie rides for sale. Beston use advanced technology in producing top kiddie ride, we have our own factory. That can reduce a lot of costs in manufacturing.

If you are interested in our kiddie vintage amusement equipment, welcome to leave a message to Beston for a price quote!

A Reliable Vintage Kiddie Rides Manufacturer — Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Beston is your reliable partner in amusement equipment industry. We make use of newest technology in producing our best quality kiddie ride with good material in the most favored price. We are one of the largest and oldest manufacturer and supplier in China. And our best kiddie ride have been exported for more than 20 countries. If you want buy some vintage kiddie ride, please contact our Beston! We can provide the best kiddie amusement ride in affordable price! Beston welcome warmly everyone to purchase our top kiddie rides! If you have any question about our kiddie amusement equipment, please Email Beston, we will give a response as quickly as we can!

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