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Kiddie rides for sale are amusement rides design for kids which are popular among young children. It is also called kids’ rides or children’s rides in Beston Amusement Equipment Company. If you are a theme park owner or an amusement park owner, kiddie ride is the mandatory carnival ride. Because, kids now, are the biggest customer group in your amusement park, kiddie amusement park, and other outdoor playground, indoor playground. As a professional kiddie rides manufacturer in China, Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of cheap and safe kiddie rides for sale. Choose us! You can take the best kiddie rides to your amusement parks!

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What Are Children, Kiddie Rides for Sale?

No doubt that children rides are small amusement rides precisely defined for the fun of young children. Kiddie rides contain many different kinds of amusement rides, such as bumper cars, carousel for sale, Miami rides for sale, squirrel skydiving amusement rides, liberty music bar rides, ocean walk rides, fighting shark island rides for sale, self-control plane rides, trackless train and track trains. All of those children’s rides are suitable for kids. They all have bright colors, and unique design, beautiful appearance. Children always stop when they see them. Kiddie rides are becoming more and more important to have in the kiddie carnival that entertains kids. Children rides and kiddie rides are required for your parks.

Main Types of Kiddie Amusement Rides for Sale from Beston Group

Beston kiddie rides for sale are divided into 4 major types as follows:

  • Children’s carousel rides for sale: small-sized carousel rides usually can take fewer kids and have lower height with a variety of animal characters, kids can get the feeling of excitement.
  • Bumper cars: One of the most classical kiddie amusement rides, it is being designed so that the cars can collide without much danger to the riders. When kids drive it, they can relax them from crashing others.
  • Kiddie train rides: Beston has trackless train and track train for kids. As the name implies, kiddie train rides are miniature train rides that can carry kids with animal cartoon figures, such as, small track train and trackless train both have various themes and figures.
  • Children’s self-control plane rides: children’s self-control plane rides usually have hydraulic arms that raise and lower the rides during the slow movement. More than that is levers or buttons on the ride allow children to fly higher or lower by themselves. The truth that they are driving the ride gives them a sense of accomplishment.

We also can provide other more amusement children and kid rides, if you want to customize your kiddie rides, Pls contact us to get the price and more details now.

Service of Beston Kids Amusement Park Rides

  • We can give you rights that you can design your products, such as colors and sizes, even put your special signs.
  • Our kiddie rides have high and competitive price, try our best to save your budget.
  • Beston has more than 10 years export experience, and we will try our best to meet your needs.
  • Excellent services, good before sale service and after-sale, let you have no worry.
  • If you are new to the amusement ride industry, we can provide park design service for you freely.

Buying New Kiddie Rides for Your Funfair or Amusement Park?

Outstanding Features of Beston Kiddie Rides

  1. All of our kiddie rides are decorated with classical or cartoon figures, accompanied by pleasant music. Because kids love colorful amusement rides in motion, which also feature their favorite animals, cartoon characters and vehicles. Besides, lights and buttons alike on the kid amusement rides can draw the attention of young kids.
  2. Longer service life. All fiberglass decoration parts are 4mm thick. Seat parts are 5mm thick, which ensures a longer service life. Parents all like to see their children happy. As long as their children love these safe and slow-moving kiddie rides, the parents will satisfy kid’s wishes and pay for the happiness.
  3. For merchants own parks, supermarkets, or stores, kiddie rides are great money-maker. In light of the above two points, there is no doubt that children’s amusement rides can suck a lot of money from parents’ pockets, simply because their adolescent children are attracted to the kiddie rides and are very happy. In addition, since kiddie rides often have compact dimensions, it allows merchants to make the most use of the space and create a reliable stream of income.
  4. Our kiddie rides are conductive to boost children’ intellectual growth as well as challenge courage.
  5. Without limitation. Our kiddie amusement park rides with no fixed playing pattern and allows children to play randomly without limitation.
  6. Fast delivery and convenient transportation: get your order when you need it.

All the above information provided are meant to help you set up your own profitable kiddie rides business. Eager to buy kiddie rides at Beston Amusement Rides? Please feel free to make an inquiry.

FAQ About Beston Children/Kiddie Rides

Q: What is your kiddie rides guarantee?
A: We can guarantee 12 months quality.

Q: What is your payment term?
A: 30% deposit in advance, by T/T/Western Union.

Q: If your company can custom kiddie rides and put my logo on?
A: All of our product are designed and customized as required including color, print, size and logo.

Q: How can I trust you?
A: Beston has many years’ experience of producing kiddie rides. Our kid amusement rides are exported to Russia, India, USA, Japan etc. and are popular in the overseas, which enjoy a good reputation.

Q: Will you send engineers to my country for technical problems?
A: If you need, we will arrange our technicians to your sites, and help you install and adjust your purchased kiddie rides. We can also train the technicians and other related staffs in your site to ensure the good operation of our rides.

Q: If your company can provide interpreters for us?
A: Our Company will provide the English interpreter for free, as for the rare language we will help the customer to seek an interpreter company with favorable price and good services.

Q: How long will it take to deliver goods from china to my country?
A: As for the time a different port is different. Generally speaking it’s about one month by sea, 3-7 workdays by air.

Q: How to assemble those kiddie rides?
A: Our technician will make a professional solution with picture for customer, which shows how to operate the step by step. If the spare part breaks we will replace it for a customer with kinds of charge or without charge.

Your Ideal Kiddie Rides Manufacturers – Beston

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd., is the renowned and professional designer and manufacturer of quality amusement rides for sale in China. Especially, Beston Amusement Equipment does well in developing, designing and manufacturing the best children amusement rides for sale and is one of the best kiddie rides manufacturers in China, even in the foreign countries. Our company has our own factory, supplies high-quality and attractive children’s amusement rides to parks, carnivals, family entertainment centers at reasonable prices. And our kids carnival rides can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

If you buy kids rides from our company, you will be your own boss and make great returns out of low payment. DON’T HESITATE. Beston is your best choice! Hope we will have a good corporation.

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