Vintage Bumper Cars for Sale

Vintage bumper cars for sale are different with the ordinary bumper cars in appearance. Vintage bumper cars could also be divided into the ceiling grid and floor grid bumper car rides. Vintage bumper cars are popular among our customers from different countries all over the world. Vintage Bumper cars are an appealing amusement rides in the amusement park, funfair, they are well received by kids and adults. They could bring joy to visitors and give the crash, thrill feeling to riders on these rides at the same time. Find vintage bumper cars now? Trust Beston! We will give you the best vintage bumper cars! You will get some information about the vintage ceiling grid bumper cars, floor grid vintage bumper cars on the below.

4 Types of New Vintage Bumper Cars
BBN-10 Vintage Bumper Car

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Applications of Beston Vintage Bumper Cars

Vintage bumper car is generally used in amusement parks, carnivals, plazas and some other indoor & outdoor playground. Kids can ride on the vintage bumper car to crash and collide, get the feeling of thrill. And adults also can play this ride to relax. It is an amusement ride suitable for people of all ages.

Vintage Bumper Car Rides
BBC-2A Vintage Bumper Car

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Features of Beston Vintage Bumper Cars for Sale

  • Beston vintage bumper cars are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic and stainless steel. Those materials are high in quality with competitive price.
  • There are a number of LED lamps on the appearance of vintage bumper car bodies, including headlight and taillight and they are energy saving. However, the lights are bright enough and colorful in the night which will attract many people to the vintage bumper cars.
  • Our vintage bumper cars are very safe, cannot cause any accidents if you follow the details.
  • They are easy to operate and maintain. Kids can manipulate our vintage bumper cars by themselves.
  • All the glass and steel products are comprised of automobile paint, and the paint surface is smooth and delicate, and it is not easy to fade.
Types of Vintage Bumper Cars
BBC-06 Types of Vintage Bumper Cars

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If you want to add some special symbols on the car body or change the car body shape to be what you want it to be, please give us an early notification.

Beston Vintage Model Bumper Cars
BBC-1B Beston Vintage Model Bumper Cars

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Advantages of Beston Amusement Ride Vintage Bumper Car

  1. Bright color automobile paints & the best quality vintage bumper car parts
  2. The material is the best quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) & Fine Steel to ensure long service life
  3. Bright paint color, 3-4 mm super thick FRP make rides serve you longer.
  4. Amusement vintage bumper car has unique design, and beautiful appearance, comfortable color match
  5. Low power cost. Beston vintage bumper car is designed for saving energy and protecting the environment.
  6. Competitive price with high-quality vintage bumper car for sale.

What’s the Process of Buying Beston Vintage Bumper Car?

First, you should contact us for a free inquiry if you have interest in our amusement vintage bumper. We will reply you within 24 hours. And we will give you our price if you asking. Next, if you place an order, you should pay 30% of all the cost. We will give you every detail of your vintage bumper cars. You can give us your special requirement on your rides. After that, we will let our factory know, they will produce your vintage bumper car as your requirement. When vintage bumper cars are produced, we will check them carefully before ship them. In addition, we will package those rides tightly in case of accidents in the transposition. Lastly, when you received our vintage bumper cars, you will find the installation pictures and videos. If you need to install workers, we will also sign them together, but you should pay for them.

Frequently Asked Question about Vintage Bumper Car

  • Q1. Are you factory?

Yes. Beston is a direct vintage bumper car manufacturer, and warmly welcome you to travel to our factory in your convenient time.

  • Q2. Is your vintage bumper car the lowest price?

Yes. We offer you the lowest price and also give you the high-quality bumper cars. Apparently, we are much cheaper than other amusement rides manufacturers.

  • Q3. Can I customize vintage bumper car?

Yes. You can choose the colors and sizes of vintage bumper car, and you can add your special signs if you have any need.

  • Q4. How about vintage bumper car installation?

We suggest that our engineer installs in your site, especially for the customers who buy several products one time. You will be responsible for the engineer round trip tickets & accommodation & salary. If you want to save cost, we will send you install pictures or install samba balloon video for free.

  • Q5. Which city our factory located in?

Factory address: Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China

  • Q6.How long is the warranty time for the vintage bumper car?

Warranty time: 12 months.

BESTON -Best Vintage Bumper Car Amusement Rides Manufacturer

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large-scale amusement vintage bumper car rides manufacturer in China. We are a reliable manufacturer with electric, battery and vintage bumper car. We are aiming at creating, designing and producing high-quality amusement dodgem for sale. We also supply various kinds of amusement equipment including adult amusement rides, kiddie amusement rides, family amusement rides, water amusement rides and so on, and these amusement rides can be utilized in funfair, carnival, theme park and shopping center. Our vintage bumper cars are the best amusement bumper cars for your amusement parks.

Please contact us for a free inquiry if you have ANY QUESTION. We will reply you within 24 hours. (All your information will be kept as secrets strictly)
Our vintage bumper car has excellent quality and reasonable price! Warmly welcome to visit our factory in your convenient time, we will offer you our Best price!
Hope we have a happy cooperation.

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