Kamikaze Ride for Sale

Thrill Kamikaze Ride for Sale from Beston Group

A kamikaze ride for sale is a extreme trill outdoor large ride in amusement park, fairground and funfair park. The first kamikaze ride is manufactured in 1984. It can be also called Double-Arm ranger, The Apollo, or the Skymaster. In addition, Double Dragon Fly ride is widely called in China. Beston kamikaze ride for sale is our popular and best-selling thrill amusement ride. If you are interested in exciting amusement ride for sale, Beston carnival kamikaze ride is a perfect option for you! Welcome to contact us to get a free quote of Beston Kamikaze ride for sale.

Kamikaze Amusement Rides
BNSR-32A Kamikaze Amusement Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNSR-32A
Area: 14*10 Meter
Height: 14m
Power: 30 KW
Voltage: 380 V
Capacity: 32 passengers

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Kamikaze Ride for Sale from Beston
BNKR-32B Kamikaze Ride for Sale from Beston

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNSR-32A
Area: 14*10 Meter
Height: 14m
Power: 30 KW
Voltage: 380 V
Capacity: 32 passengers

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Kamikaze is a Japanese name, it means the fastest wind in the world. From its name, we can know how exciting and trilling it can be. In the beginning, the carnival kamikaze ride moves in a slow running speed, then it get fast gradually. It is an exciting and amazing experience for people to take kamikaze ride.

Kamikaze Amusement Ride for Sale
BNKR-32C Kamikaze Amusement Ride for Sale

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNSR-32B
Area: 14*10 Meter
Height: 14m
Power: 30 KW
Voltage: 380 V
Capacity: 32 passengers

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Attractive Appearance of Kamikaze Show Ride for Sale

  • First, from the distance, the kamikaze ride looks like an open scissors or two hammers crossing together. That’s why the kamikaze also be call as Meteor Hammer Rides. Kamikaze rides mainly consist of single fixed huge tower to support two rotating arms. Each rotating arm equipped with one or two gondola for passengers to ride. When the ride begin to move, passengers swing back and forth. It looks like two running clock needles.
  • Second, bright and fresh color of kamikaze ride for sale. It attract many kids to play on it. And it easily catch people eyes when we first see the kamikaze ride.
  • Third, the kamikaze ride manufactured with LED lights. Colorful LED lights can be turn on in the night. The kamikaze ride made by Beston looks more beautiful than other carnival equipment.

What is the Work Principle of Kamikaze Amusement Ride?

Same as the clock pendulum swing in a reciprocating way, kamikaze ride is a kind of pendulum swing amusement ride. It is very similar with pirate ship ride at amusement parks. The two arms are both controlled by the drive motor so they can swing at the same time. One arm is rotating clockwise, the other one is rotating counterclockwise. Kamikaze ride both arms can rotate 360 degree. When two gondolas run at the top position, it means the arm is rotating 180 degree along one direction and passengers are inverted in the sky. That makes people extremely thrilled and excited.

Amusement Function of the Kamikaze Funfair Ride

Not only bring a special and wonderful feeling in spirit for passenger when they take it, but also bring a visual enjoyment when people reach the sky. When passengers are lifted in the sky, their feeling is exciting and blood pressure is get higher. They can scream out loudly. It help people to release the pressure in their daily life. Heightening and boosting up their braveness when they over the difficulty of Height Anxiety. The kamikaze ride is a kind of up and down fairground ride, so be sure that your seat is equipped with safety belt and shoulder harness.
As a professional manufacture, our kamikaze ride for sale have high safety!

Features of Beston Carnival Rides Kamikaze

  • Unique appearance and special shape (“X” shape when it is at a standstill )
  • High quality (the main structure materials: steel and FRP)
  • High safety (equipped with shoulder harness and a secondary locking bar)
  • High capacity: 16 passenger allowed in one gondola (32 passengers in total)
  • With LED colorful lights
  • Vivid color to choose (can be customizable)

Details About Kamikaze Amusement Ride for Sale

Beston Kamikaze Amusement Ride

Model BNMH-16A
Height 14M
Voltage 380V
Power 30KW
Capacity 16*2 persons
Area 14*10M
Speed 12 circles/min
Ride time 4 min

This is our common size and style kamikaze amusement ride detail. If you want know more about our kamikaze ride production, please Email us!

The Height of Kamikaze Rides

The entire ride is 14 meters height. Comparing with other fairground ride, it is larger. However, the height of kamikaze ride in Beston can be customization in different size if needed. Because of its size, kamikaze ride must be built and installed in outdoor fairground or theme park.

Interested in Kamikaze Rides?

Advantage of Beston Kamikaze Ride

Beston is a professional amusement ride manufacturer and supplier in China. Our aim is to provide enjoyment for people in the whole world. We can manufacture high quality, high safety fairground kamikaze rides for sale in a reasonable price. Beston makes use of advanced technology and best materials to product our attractive & unique appearance amusement kamikaze ride for sale. We offer the top class entertainment facilities and personalized services for you. This is a good choice for you to buy our kamikaze ride for sale! Please email us and get a free quote from us if you want buy kamikaze carnival ride!

Some Tips of Buying Kamikaze Amusement Ride for Sale

  • Make sure the production is manufactured by a formal factory.
  • Please verify the certification of the amusement ride.
  • Compare the price of different factories, and choose the best one.
  • Do not buy the cheap but low quality productions.
  • Check the safety equipment.
  • Ask about the evaluation and assessment of buyers who have brought the equipment in the past.
  • These tips are apply to other kind of amusement ride as well. Think twice before you buy the amusement ride for sale.

Buy Kamikaze Ride for Sale in Beston

Beston kamikaze ride is a kind of large thrill amusement ride with unique and special shape, beautiful color and LED lights. Beston kamikaze ride has obtained many certifications, such as BV, SONCAP, CE, and ISO9001. Our kamikaze ride is not only selling well in china, but also in other countries, like Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Brazil etc. We give a very warm welcome to you to purchase our kamikaze ride! We will provide the best service and do whatever we can do for you if you have problems about the kamikaze ride for sale. And we want be your reliable partner and keep a long term cooperation with you!

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