Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides for Sale

Squirrel Skydiving is a new amusement ride in Beston Amusement equipment Company which is a principal amusement equipment manufacturer in China. Squirrel skydiving is a kind of kiddie rides, also belong to outdoor amusement rides. We also called squirrel skydiving amusement ride as rescuing squirrel amusement ride. Passengers on the seats around the middle pedestal can attack the bald eagle in the middle. People can get excitement from playing the rides. Children can learn how to be brave. It is appealing to kids and adults. If you have any need in your amusement park for the squirrel skydiving amusement rides, please get in touch with us!

Squirrel Skydiving Rides from Beston
BNSS-16A-1 Squirrel Skydiving Rides

Technical Parameters:

Model: BNSS-16A-1
Area: 11*11㎡
Height: 5.3m
Power: 15 KW
Voltage: 380 V
Capacity: 16 passengers

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Brief Introduction of Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides

Squirrel skydiving ride is an interactive entertainment ride. The ride is composed of all-glass steel. The color of the whole ride is bright and eye-catching, and the platform is also bright yellow. The decorated lamp is with RGB model of colorful light, which makes the ride more colorful and dazzling in the night. Besides, the equipment is surrounded by fairy pillars of the fence, surrounded by green iron trees, the whole appearance of squirrel skydiving is beautiful! Kids can be learned from playing on the rides. It can take people happy as well as interest.

Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides
BNSS-16A-2Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides In Factory

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The Creation Background of Squirrel Skydiving

There is an interesting story behind Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides for Sale. And I will give you the story below:

As we all know, China’s Tibet is a land of vultures, where vultures are large, ugly and ferocious, feeding on small animals. This day, little flying squirrel’s mom and dad go to find food, so the evil vulture steals the little flying squirrel and plan to eat it. But the vulture’s treachery was discovered by the little flying squirrel’s father who had just returned. So the father assembled many flying squirrels to save his baby.

Then, a huge rescue was launched in three areas: sea, land and air!

Skilled technicians in Beston Amusement Equipment Company create squirrel skydiving amusement ride on the basis of this story which is full of justice. The story and this amusement ride could enlighten to children.

Interested in Buying Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides from Beston Amusement?

Advantages of Rescuing Squirrel Amusement Rides

  • Squirrel Skydiving Ride for sale can interact with people and have the new way to play. Interaction not only gives the ride more fun, but also increase children’ alertness, judgment, reaction, communication, and emotional content, shall be an integral part of children’s development.
  • The rescuing squirrel amusement ride has high-level safety, without any problems about its safety.
  • Lower price and meticulous after-sales service. We will tell you that your order process by sending you processes pictures. And wooden case with plastic foams package to protect rides from damage during the transportation.
  • Body shapes and colors can be customized. You can decide every detail of the rides. We will do our best to pleasure you.

Specification of Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides for Sale

Floor space(m2): 121m2
Diameter(m): 11m
Passenger(person): 32p
Cockpit: 16
Height(m): 5.3m
Power(kw): 9kw

Interested in Buying Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides from Beston Amusement?

Uses of Amusement Ride Squirrel Skydiving

Amusement rides squirrel skydiving is suitable for outdoor playground. We can find it in the amusement park, Carnival Park and theme park. Both adults and kids can sit on the seat to hit the bald eagle. People can enjoy it with family, friends and lover, meanwhile people can get the feeling that of excitement. The squirrel skydiving amusement park ride is suitable for big funfairs, theme parks, amusement parks, playground, carnivals, outdoor playgrounds, plazas, public gardens, kindergarten, tourist attractions, etc.

How Does a Squirrel Skydiving Ride Work?

The center of squirrel skydiving is an evil looking vulture holding a cute baby flying squirrel on a rock. There are eight vultures hiding in the shell around the rock, and the flying squirrels in the outside are trying to rescue the baby flying squirrel. Each flying squirrel can fit two people in the cabin, and 16 seats can seat 32 people. Each capsule is equipped with an army weapon laser gun, or a navy water gun. There are also cannon that can be shot from a distance, and the cannon can play various colors of ocean balls. The vulture’s eggshell is equipped with a sensor, and if it was hit, the vulture will automatically descend into the shell, and the flying squirrel will rise into the air. Instead, if hit by the vulture, the cockpit will descend to the ground.

Interested in Buying Squirrel Skydiving Amusement Rides from Beston Amusement?

What Can Beston Do for You If You Want to Buy This Ride?

  • Before sale: Beston Amusement Equipment Company will try best to provide you the best service, and sure to provide rescuing squirrel amusement rides which you want without any mistakes. If you have any problems, please contact us. We will resolve the problems in 24 hours.
  • During sale: If possible, welcome to tour our factory and we’ll arrange a person to receive you. Meanwhile, Beson will contact you constantly and provide 360 degrees service for you.
  • After the sale: We can provide installation video/pictures for you. We will package our rides carefully. Besides, professional technician guide rides assemble at your place if you need.

Squirrel Skydiving Manufacturers in China — Beston Amusement Equipment

Beston Amusement Equipment Company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating development design, production and sales of various children’s amusement facilities. Our products are appropriate for amusement parks, kindergartens, residential communities, parks, squares, communities, etc. Quality is our life, and we have made it through the whole process of production and sales, trying to build a good brand.

Our company contains a number of excellent designers and technical workers, our products are favored by customers from all over the world. And all the indicators of each equipment meet the national amusement machinery equipment quality standards. At the same time, the equipment and facilities can be customized depending on the requirements of the buyer.

Beston Amusement Equipment Company provides you with excellent children’s amusement facilities and good after-sales services. We have a complete variety of amusement equipment and they have the reasonable structure and excellent quality. Our amusement rides are welcomed by our clients from home and abroad. Otherwise, we can personalize the design according to the size of your site and your special demands, then provide the design pattern. Welcome to visit our factory, waiting for your letter to inquire. CONTACT US NOW!

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